Classroom Handouts
American Novel Response Sheet
Harlem Renaissance:  Three Poems
The Trial of George Jacobs Response
Patriotism:  God Bless the USA
Questions to Consider as You Read Fiction
Understanding and Responding to Literature
The Crucible
A Streetcar Named Desire
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A Rose for Emily Study Guide
Leveled Questions:  American History
Leveled Questions: Graphic Organizer
Leveled Questions:  The Outcasts of Poker Flat
Transcendentalism Poster
The Fall of the House of Usher Reading Guide
The Scarlet Letter
Anticipation Guide
Group Chapter Assignment Sheet
Tonal Scale
Emily Dickinson
Short Stories
Anticipation Guide for The Devil and Tom Walker
Composition and Mechanics
Poem for Two Voices
How to Write Leveled Questions
American Literature
"I Have a Dream" Video Viewing Guide
The Great Gatsby

A&E Biography: F. Scott Fitzgerald Video Viewing Guide
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Poetry Projects
Journal Topics
Comparing Two Poems
Character Mandala
Reading Assignments
Creating a Booktalk
Booktalk Self-Evaluation
Of Mice and Men Section Questions
Of Mice and Men
A Worn Path Study Guide
A Good Man is Hard to Find Study Guide
Barn Burning Character Analysis
Career Brochure
Career Brochure Rubric
Blank Notes Chart
Blank Sources Chart
Study Guide
Character Poster Project
Video Questions
The Crucible Character Poem
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The Pit and the Pendulum Study Guide
These handouts are used in English III, American Literature and Southern Literature.
Character Sketch
Character Qualities Chart by Sandra Effinger
The Crucible Anticipation Guide
Of Mice and Men Mind Mapping
Compare Contrast Two of Longfellow's Poems
New to America Activity (thanks to Michelle Garbis)
Clauses, Phrases, and Conjunctions
Correcting Run-on Sentences
Tone Project Rubric
Tone Project, borrowed from J. Prosser
Portrait Poem Adaptation
American Novel Project Sheet
Speech in the Virginia Convention Study Guide
Because I Could Not Stop for Death Study Guide
Rappacini's Daughter Video Guide
The Raven Study Guide
Edgar Allan Poe's Recurring Themes Chart (thanks to Georgia Learning Connections)
Tic Tac Toe template
Research Paper:  Fall 2004
American Literary Time Periods
Reader Response Journals
Act Two Questions
Reader Response Journal Topics
Small Group Work
Small Group Work Response Guide
"To a Mouse"
Act One Questions
The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County
Writing an Obituary for an Inanimate Object
The Devil and Tom Walker
"Where I'm From"
The Life You Save May Be Your Own Study Guide
Emerson Poster Project
The Outcasts of Poker Flat Reading Guide
Desiree's Baby
Autobiographical Portfolio
"The Sun Goes Down on Summer"
"The Sun Goes Down on Summer" and Introductory Letter Assignments
Fall 2005 Reading Assignments
Act Three Study Guide
Act Four Study Guide
Acts One and Two Review
Categorizing Characters
The Body of Christopher Creed