“A Rose for Emily” Study Guide





  1. remit – pardon
  2. mote – speck
  3. gilt – gold-edged
  4. pallid – pale
  5. hue – color/shade
  6. temerity – courage
  7. teeming – swarming
  8. diffident – shy
  9. deprecation – derogatory (belittle)
  10. tableau – scene
  11. cabal – secret intrigue
  12. impervious – not able to pass through
  13. acrid – bitter
  14. thwart – to keep from happening; to stand in the way
  15. august – magnificent; inspiring awe
  16. cuckold – husband of an adulterous wife


C haracters:

Identify each of the following characters.

  1. Emily Grierson


  1. Colonel Sartoris


  1. Tobe


  1. Judge Stevens


  1. Homer Barron




  1. What metaphor is used to describe Miss Emily in the first paragraph?


  1. How is the house personified in the second paragraph?


  1. What had Colonel Sartoris done for Miss Emily in 1894?


  1. What did the next generation of town leaders do on the first of the year?


  1. How does Faulkner describe Miss Emily in the sixth paragraph?



  1. At the beginning of Part II, how long had Miss Emily’s father been dead?


  1. What are the neighbors complaining about?  What does Judge Stevens say probably has caused it?


  1. What did Miss Emily tell her visitors the day after her father’s death?


  1. Why did the townspeople not think she was crazy for this?


  1. Who began to date Miss Emily in Part III?  Why was  he in town?



  1. What did the townspeople think of Miss Emily and her new boyfriend?


  1. Miss Emily is thirty at this time and holds her head high in spite of the rumors she must be aware of.  How does she show she has kept her dignity  (thinking she is  better than the other townspeople) when she visits the druggist?



  1. In Part IV, who do some of the ladies go to see about Miss Emily’s situation?  Why?


  1. What does Miss Emily do that makes the townspeople think that she and her boyfriend have wed?


  1. Why do the townspeople believe her boyfriend/husband has left?


  1. When was the last time the townspeople saw the boyfriend/husband?


  1. Why had the men sprinkled the lime around her house in Part II?


  1. When Miss Emily was about forty, what had she done to earn money? 


  1. In Part V, who returns to hold Miss Emily’s funeral?


  1. There is a room upstairs that no one has seen for forty years.  After Miss Emily’s funeral, the door to it is broken down.  What do the townspeople find there?


  1. What is noticed about the second pillow on the bed in the last paragraph?



  1. What had happened to Homer Barron?