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Of Mice and Men


Section One p. 1- 16


  1. Where does the story begin?  What does George tell Lennie to remember about this place?




  1. How does the author establish right away that Lennie is dependent on George?




  1. What town had George and Lennie come from and why had they left there?




  1. How does George feel his life would be different without Lennie?




  1. What is the background story of Lennie and mice?




  1. Why does Lennie offer to run off and live in the hills?  What is George’s argument against it?  What does this show us about Lennie’s character?




  1. What is the importance of their plan to get their own place and “Live off the fatta the land”?
















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Of Mice and Men


Section Two  p. 17- 37


  1. Why does the boss get mad at Crooks for things that aren’t his fault?




  1. What does the boss suspect that George is doing since he is talking for Lennie?




  1. Before Curley even says a word, what is his reaction to Lennie?




  1. Why is everybody afraid of Curley?  (Give two reasons.)




  1. What warning does George give Lennie about Curley?




  1. When Candy talks about Curley’s wife for the first time, what does he imply about her?




  1. Why is Lennie’s last name both symbolic and ironic?




  1. What does Slim do with four of the pups from his dog, right away?  What does this show about their society’s view of weaklings?




  1. What does Carlson suggest to Slim about Candy’s dog?










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Of Mice and Men


Section Three p.38 - 65


  1. While talking to Slim, what does George ashamedly admit to him about what he did to Lennie as a younger man?




  1. What does Lennie have under his coat when he comes into the bunkhouse?




  1. Why does Carlson want to kill Candy’s dog?  Is it out of sympathy?




  1. Why are George and Lennie so attracted to the farm they want to buy? 




  1. How does Candy agree to contribute to the buying of the farm?  Why is he motivated to do this?  What is he afraid of on the ranch?




  1. Curley and Slim enter the bunkhouse and Curley is apologizing to Slim for suspecting him of being with his wife.  Why is Lennie smiling during this conversation?  Why does Curley attack Lennie?




  1. What is Lennie’s initial reaction to Curley’s attack?




  1. Who gets angry and decides to attack Curley and defend Lennie?




  1. How does Lennie hurt Curley?




  1. How does Slim make sure that Curley won’t get George and Lennie fired because of the fight?


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Of Mice and Men


Section Four p. 66-83


  1. In what way is Crooks’ quality of life actually better than that of the ranch hands?




  1. Why does Lennie visit Crooks, when no one is supposed to visit him?




  1. Why does Crooks conceal his pleasure when Candy comes in his room?  What ironic thing does Candy say to Crooks, considering Crooks’ complaints about loneliness?




  1. What does Crooks offer to Candy and Lennie in regards to the farm they want to buy?




  1. Curley’s wife says, “They left all the weak ones here.”  To whom is she referring?




  1. Curley’s wife reveals the truth about why she is always wandering around the ranch, looking for men.  What is it?




  1. What does Crooks tell Candy about his part in their plan for a farm at the end of the section and why?
















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Of Mice and Men


Section Five p. 84-98


  1. What has happened to Lennie’s puppy?  What does Lennie finally admit to himself about how it happened?




  1. Who comes to visit Lennie?  What does this person complain about to Lennie?





     3.  What background story does Curley’s wife tell Lennie?  What can we guess is the truth behind the story?




     4. What can we guess as to why Curley’s wife married Curley?  How does this relate to the economics of the time?  (Remember, this book was published during the Great Depression.)




  5.  What does Lennie tell Curley’s wife that he likes to do?  What does Curley’s wife let him do?




6.  How do things go wrong?  Where does Lennie steal away to?




7.  What might the pigeon flying out of the barn be symbolic of?




8.  After George finds out what happened, what does he decide to do?  Why?




9.  What does George say he will do with his life now? 




10.  How does Slim try to convince Curley not to go on the chase?  What is Curley’s reaction and why?

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Of Mice and Men


Section Six p. 99-107


  1. What visions does Lennie hallucinate seeing?  What do these visions say?  Why is he having them?




  1. What does George hear in the distance?




  1. What two things does Lennie ask George to talk about?  Why are these things comforting to Lennie?




  1. How does George distract Lennie while he prepares to kill him?




  1. What admission and reassurance does George make to Lennie, one that he had never done before?  Why did he do it?




  1. What do Slim and George decide to do?  What bond do they have?